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It is always a privilege to share portions of my journey with others. I was recently invited to be a guest on the “Living the GraceLife” Podcast, hosted by my dear friend Jim Hobbs, and his friend, Pastor Joe Davis.

One Sunny Morning in Paris

The only word I could use to describe standing in the garden of Notre Dame on the morning of the fire that destroyed the cathedral’s famous spire and roof was: surreal. It was surreal to walk through the garden and around the church. That morning, we looked for a place to shoot wedding photos that would not be impeded by the scaffolding. The team stopped and admired the cherry blossoms. We had no idea it would be the last time we gazed upon the church in it’s full splendor.

What It’s Like in Paris

I had the chance to chat with Jim and Joe about what it was like to be in the garden of Notre Dame on the morning of the fire. I also touched upon what it is like to be a Christian living in France. As a pastor, I wear a very visible sign of faith out in the world. I shared my thoughts about wearing my clergy collar in public, about the atmosphere of faith in France, and what it’s like to be a stranger living in a strange land.

GraceLife in Paris

During the interview, we took a small detour to talk about my “grace” tattoo, designed by my son. I wear his handwriting as a daily reminder of God’s grace in my life. We talked about what it means to take faithful grace-filled footsteps forward. The interview honed in on living the “GraceLife.” Our family hopes we reflect the light of Christ in all that we do. We make that our aim, here in France, and in all of our lives. It was such a privilege to speak about what it means to be living in this beautiful city. Our family delights in sharing the light of love here. After all, it’s about living the GraceLife.

For the whole interview, click here.

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