Paris Pastor Meets The Earful Tower

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You already know me, Paris pastor, Rev. Michelle Wahila of Ruffled By Grace. If you have followed my wedding, elopement, and vow renewal ministry in Paris, you also know that I enjoy great adventures here. Paris, after all, is the most romantic city in the world – a city of light, love, romance and memories. People come from all around the world to get married here in a symbolic ceremony, and to share a moment that will last a lifetime. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Oliver, from The Earful Tower. It was a chance to share what I do with this super fun and entertaining host! The Paris Pastor meets The Earful Tower is available on podcast now.

The Earful Tower

The Earful Tower is all about Oliver, an Australian in Paris, trying to figure out French life. He typically hosts a special guest, and gives amazing highlights of things to do in and around Paris. It is the perfect podcast for those of you coming to visit Paris for your vow renewal, elopement or wedding! Additionally, Oliver has YouTube videos and a full Instagram feed. His shows are full of tips and tricks to help you explore the City of Light.

The Paris Pastor Meets The Earful Tower

Oliver kept me on my toes, and we discussed everything from tying the knot in France, to faith and piercings. It was the perfect glimpse into my life and into the world of weddings in Paris. Certainly, a picture perfect vow renewal, elopement or wedding in Paris, goes well beyond the average tourist experience of Paris.

The Honeymoon Edition

Oliver will soon be marrying his sweetheart, but sadly, not in France! Stay tuned, because he will depart for his honeymoon adventure from somewhere in Paris. I will be there to bless the newlyweds and send them off in Ruffled By Grace style. He will be traveling through France on a red scooter with his new bride, blazing a heart shaped trail through the countryside.


Check out the podcast featuring Ruffled By Grace here.

Here is The Earful Tower’s YouTube channel.

You can find Oliver on Twitter here. Or check out his Facebook page or Instagram feed, for all his latest adventures.

Don’t be shy! Contact Ruffled By Grace to talk about your dream wedding, elopement or vow renewal in Paris.

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