Paris Wedding Officiant Meets NY

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Leaving Home

It’s that time of year again: “Paris Wedding Officiant Meets NY” time! Every year, our family packs our bags and heads to upstate NY. There we enjoy family, friends, sweet corn, blueberries, and country life. It is such a change for these city dwellers, but it still feels like home.

Going Home

When you live in a foreign land, it often seems that you live with one foot where you are and one foot in your “home.” The notion of home strangely shifts like a waxing and waning moon. You can even come to wonder where home is… It feels like you’re always being called home.

Paris Wedding Officiant Meets NY

As we depart for NY, we are so excited to see family and friends. We are going home. And yet, I’m leaving hubby home and my sweet little kitten, and that makes me well up with tears. I am also leaving home. At the end of summer, I know we will be excited to go home to Paris, but leaving family and friends never gets easier and there are always tears.

The Joy of Home

So that is how it has come to be. An ever-shifting but miraculous sense of having our hearts always being called toward “home.” In the past, I have felt that this notion can breed discontent – always wanting to be where we are not. However, I have come to realize that it really spurs joy. We are continually pulled into the future; at the same time, we make the most of the home we are currently enjoying.

The Next Adventure

Our hearts are full as we depart for our NY home. I had some tears leaving Paris this morning too. Now adventure awaits! I pray we will make the most of this precious time. We have much to do, see and eat in NY. We are going to be very busy. I even have an amazing vow renewal in the works. Spoiler alert: there will be alpacas!

Loving Home

We look forward to “Paris Wedding Officiant Meets NY” time. They say “home is where the heart is.” That is certainly true for us. Our heats are in many places. Pittsburgh, NY, and Paris all have pieces of our hearts. We may leave a piece of our heart in every place we go, but our love doesn’t decrease. Our hearts expand to love even more. We take with us all the places we have been, as we look forward to the next adventure. In the end, we are all but sojourners, being called toward our heavenly home. Let us make the most of our time. Let our hearts be full; allow the tears to fall when they must. Why not love fiercely while you are home?

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