Meet The New Ruffled By Grace Intern

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Hey lovelies, I want to introduce you to someone special…

Meet the New Ruffled By Grace Intern


About Me….

Hello, My name is Kendall and I am a student from Asbury University. At my university,  I am studying Public Relations, pattern design, marketing, and communications. I will be studying abroad for three months in Paris and working for officiant, Michelle.

Currently, I am working for Michelle as an assistant: attending photoshoots , ceremonies, and networking with clients through her social media accounts. In addition,  I am learning the importance of developing relationships with the clients, and how to organize events. As a matter of fact, my final project will be creating my own Paris photoshoot with models, a photographer, and props. The goal is to create a project related to my field and to create something beautiful. Most noteworthy, working with clients and other entrepreneurs help me understand the passion behind a business.  Michelle makes me feel inspired to follow my dreams and passions.

Overall, her job is to celebrate love in many ways. Specifically, working with her during vow renewals, photoshoots, and ceremonies has helped me grow as an assistant. Michelle is not only just an officiant, but she also helps others through networking their businesses  For ceremonies, clients may request a special letter, certain flowers, music, or a professional photographer.  Michelle is not only just an officiant, but she also helps others through networking their businesses.  Ruffled By Grace provides a service to supply those needs for the couple.

Public Relations

I want to help clients meet their needs and want for their special day.  Through Michelle’s job, she can help market and promote local photographers, florists, and musicians. Additionally, this not only helps her business, but it also inspires others to live out their dreams.  Likewise, helping others with promoting businesses not only helps the client, but it helps the network itself.  By experiencing just the simplest of joys through a ceremony, I  gain a whole different perspective of the business.

Visual Communications

Most of my work comes from the visual experience.  Being able to try a new cafè, meet a new friend, or travel to new places helps me to come up with new ideas. My favorite part about working with Michelle is hearing about all of the love stories she gets to experience. Moreover, the reason why I love Public Relations is that so many artists, entrepreneurs, photographers, and designers need to share new ideas and perspectives.

What Inspires Me the Most…

There are so many artists, entrepreneurs, photographers, and designers who are working together to create forms of art. My dearest talented friend Ester took these photos for the blog. In addition, she is a freelance photographer and a personal stylist.  Ester and I worked together not only as colleagues but have also built a friendship. She was able to capture me in a city filled with love, in a setting I love… and I can write about it! Above all, this is why  I love working in Public Relations. Clients are working together to create a masterpiece through different expressions of art.

Ultimately, this experience has shown me that you can’t have a styled shoot without a photographer, designer, or stylist.  You can’t write a book without a publisher. No matter what you do it is important to find your passion and TO SHARE IT.  Hence, this is achieved by visualizing an experience, creating content, and designing the outcome. Then, of course, writing about it!  Make your mark.

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