Paris Officiant Meets London Style

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Paris Officiant Meets London Style

When a Paris officiant meets London style, great things happen! Recently, I was so delighted to meet the Rev. Sandra Sykes, one half of the brilliant team that is Collared Clergywear for Women. She was just as amazing in real life, as I imagined her to be. Over a delightful Gin & Tonic, in a London pub, we sat and talked about theology, calling, fashion, and the church. It was simply perfect.


A Paris Officiant in Need of Style

As a small blonde pastor, I typically have trouble convincing people that I am “actual” clergy. Somehow, a petite blonde with piercings and a tattoo doesn’t fit the stereotype of pastor in people’s minds. In the church, I always wore a typical protestant clergy robe and stole. My uniform in the church setting worked, but carrying my robe and stole all around Paris for weddings, didn’t work. I was in need of a properly pastoral uniform that worked outside of the church building for all of my destination weddings.


Stuffed into Men’s Garb

When I was first ordained by the Presbyterian Church (USA), my parents desired to gift me my first clergy collar. As a woman with a petite frame, however, it was impossible to find a well-fitted clergy shirt that didn’t make me look like a man, or a child playing dress up with the priest’s clothes. I always felt like the “formal” clergy collars I found were men’s shirts that I was trying to stuff myself into… and yeah, that didn’t work for me in any way, shape, or form. I love glitter and pink far too much for that. I completely disregarded the idea of wearing a clergy collar (as much as I loved the symbolism). Much to my parents’ dismay, I never ever bought a collar.


Enter Collared

Along came Collared. I’m not sure how I originally found Collared Clergywear for women, but I remember crying tears of joy! Finally, there was a line of clergy clothing created for modern women, that allowed me to be me while wearing the uniform. I was elated! I ordered my first Collared shirt almost 13 years after my ordination. Every Collared design was the perfect combination of modern and classic, feminine yet reserved. Undeniably, their designs were perfect for me: chic, honoring the office, and fitting properly.


A Paris Officiant’s Uniform

Once I began wearing my beautiful Collared design, it became my trademark style. The combination of lace and perfect Parisian black was a hit among my clients and colleagues. Furthermore, I don’t believe that being female clergy means that I need to look masculine or that I need to sacrifice my love for fashion and all things girly for my call or vocation. I believe that you can love tulle and Jesus.


Ruffled Meets Collared

I am overjoyed that I had the opportunity to meed Sandra. The “Paris Officiant Meets London Style” in London – what could be better? Next time, Sandra and the other half of the dynamic Collared duo, Sarah, must come to Paris to visit me. Be on the lookout because I left London with some new Collared items, that will be showing up in my Instagram feed in the near future. I’m so proud of these ladies for giving women clergy something to feel stylish in – and I am not the only one. This team was recently featured in Vogue magazine. Now that is high fashion and high calling!

Interested in learning more about Collared? Click here for their Facebook page.

Collared’s website can be found here.

Read the Vogue article about Collared here.

Check out my Instagram feed for more Collared designs.

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