Family Promise Ceremony

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Spring Has Sprung!

Introducing the “Family Promise Ceremony,” a Spring Special designed especially for sharing LOVE in your family! Read on…

Audrey Hepburn once said, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” So much of being a family is about planting. To that end, spring is the perfect time to prioritize your family. Ruffled By Grace is offering a creative and fun “Family Promise Ceremony” to help you plant love into your family this spring season.

Loving My Family

Loving my people is absolutely the most important “work” of my life. I want to get “real” about that priority for a moment. In seminary, I spent a lot of time talking about calling (obviously!). More specifically, my professors spent time exploring the concept prioritizing call. Pastors are called to serve the church, but our work as pastors is not as important as our calling to love God, and our spouse and families. It’s easy, until it’s not.

Balancing Family & Work

The demands of serving the church can be incredible; the expectations are high. There is always more work to be done. Often times, even if pastors are excellent at setting boundaries for Sabbath rest and time with family, work creeps in for myriad reasons.

I’ve seen plenty of pastors’ families fall apart; it’s heartbreaking and feels unfair. I would never be self-righteous enough to claim that my family isn’t at risk. There have been, and will be, moments when it feels like everything is “falling apart.”

Putting Love At The Center

In those moments, when it feels like everything is “falling apart,” it is absolutely necessary to come back to our center. The One who loved us first is always there with open arms. We have to find our way back to the grace we have been given, and have the courage to offer it freely into our families (even when we don’t really want to offer it). We must do the “every day work” of loving each other – with open hearts, generous spirits, and plenty of forgiveness for all the places we fail.

Planting A Family

The “work” of being a family is about planting love every single day. It is about planting generosity, forgiveness, patience and hope each day because what we sow into our families will bloom into our tomorrows. This spring, I am giving families the opportunity to plant a little love!

Family Promise Ceremony

Ruffled By Grace is now offering special “Family Promise” Ceremonies. These mini ceremonies feature fun ways to say “I love you” to each other. It’s also the perfect opportunity to update your family photos with a purpose. Plant love into your family this spring in a new and creative way. Make memories that will last a lifetime. Let’s get to work on that spring garden!

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