English Speaking Officiant

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English Speaking Officiant

Being an English speaking officiant in Paris gives me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. It is an amazing gift to meet so many couples from every corner of the earth, who desire to come to Paris for their wedding, elopement or vow renewal. My hope is that I will bless every couple I meet. Undoubtedly, I also walk away feeling blessed from these connections!


What I Have Learned

In particular, I have learned so much about the diversity and strength of love through my time as an English speaking officiant. My couples come from a variety of backgrounds – ethnically, geographically, spiritually. The uniqueness of their love stories enriches what I know about love. Hearing testimonies of love conquering obstacles and overcoming the impossible are reminders of why I do what I do! I love telling love stories because I believe love is foundational to our human needs and desires. Having the chance to tell a love story is the chance to tell the world that love is real: authentic, inexhaustible, and perfect.


What I Do

It is because of the distinctiveness of every story, that I take the time to write a unique ceremony for every couple who works with me. I begin with the traditional elements of a “Reformed Protestant Marriage Ceremony” and creatively intertwine your very own love story. Are you funky and fun? I can work with that! Are you more traditional, preferring classic language and readings? I can work with that! Because I am classically trained in theology and the pastoral arts, I have the ability to work with you, exactly where you are. Spending years in graduate school practicing my craft, followed by years in the parish, applying my education in real life, has created a space in my soul for imaginative story telling that is both modern and faithful.


The Perfect Story

Your story is perfectly you. It represents who you are as individuals and a couple. Moreover, it tells the story of your bond better than any script ever could. Hearing your love story told with humor and grace is the perfect way to begin your married life together, or to renew the promises of your love at your vow renewal. Your story grounds you by connecting your past and present, and it calls you toward your future together. Your narrative is the framework within which love operates each and every day of your lives.


The Perfect Ceremony

Hearing your story helps me to create the perfect ceremony tailored to you. By choosing elements that represent you, and your story, together we create a holy moment that symbolically marks a new step in your forever journey. In essence, an individually written ceremony means it “feels just right” to you. It isn’t forced – too long, too short, too traditional, too modern. Above all, isn’t “too” anything because it comes directly from your hearts to my pen.


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